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What is TrafficJunky?

TrafficJunky is the Ad Network that manages the banner advertisements for some of the world's largest Adult tube sites. TrafficJunky uses a self-serve bidding, pre-paid advertising platform to provide ad spaces to advertisers.

What are TrafficJunky's Markets?

TrafficJunky is mainly focused on the following online markets: Adult Dating, Adult Pay sites, Gambling and Entertainment, Health and Beauty, Sexual Wellness, as well as many other markets. Please refer to our Rules & Regulations page in your account in order to see what products we permit to be promoted across our network, creative requirements, and rules.

What are TrafficJunky's sources of traffic?

TrafficJunky's primary network is composed of the world's most visited PC and Mobile Adult tube sites. To see a list of the sites available through our network view Sites & Spots.

How can I register to use TrafficJunky?

Registration is quick, easy, and free. Click on the 'Get Started' button on the right of the page or go to the Sign Up up page. Before registering make sure you agree with TrafficJunky's Terms of Use.

What are TrafficJunky's business hours?

The TrafficJunky team is available Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Ad revision, payment processing, and customer support is only offered during business hours.


How does TrafficJunky work?

TrafficJunky uses a self-serve bidding, pre-paid advertising platform. We use a CPM bidding system. You select sites and ad placements you'd like to advertise on and bid for traffic. The higher the bid, the greater the percentage of traffic you'll get. You may also select Geo targets if you want to target countries, and time targets if you see that certain time ranges work best for your ads. The amount you bid for a spot is taken from your balance every thousand impressions. You can also set daily budgets for ad campaigns, and pause a campaign at any time. Daily campaign stats are available to help you optimize your campaigns and maximize your revenue.

How do I manage my campaigns?

The TrafficJunky platform was designed to be used as a self-serve media buying platform, enabling you to create, manage, and optimize your campaigns. Real time statistics and user friendly campaign editing tools give you full control. Statistics for banner CPM, CTR, impressions, cost, and much more will help indicate which campaigns need optimization; campaign editing tools enable you to do it.

How do I get banners/creatives made?

Advertisers have their own banners made or get them from their Affiliate network.

Is Geo-targeting and Time-targeting available?

Geographic areas such as countries, regions or cities are available in the targeting options along with the ability to set specific time frames for your campaigns in order to allow you to better reach out to your customers. Time targeting is also available allowing you to run your campaigns during time slots to better target your market.

How can I buy Pop-Under Traffic?

For mobile pop-under traffic contact us at Our network’s web Pop-Under inventory is managed by a third party, For information please contact

Can I use iframes?

The use of iframe is offered to clients who have proven a solid track record of uploading acceptable ads, without an issue with regards to both rules or malicious intentions. We recommend you start out with Gifs and Jpegs, and down the line we will be happy to re-evaluate the use of iframes on your account.


What is the price of advertising?

TrafficJunky uses a CPM model based on a live bidding system. CPM (or cost per 1000 impressions) live bidding pricing is determined by the market price of the percentage of traffic you bid for. The banner will stop receiving impressions when your campaign daily budget is spent, when you decide to pause the campaign, or if your pre-loaded funds have depleted. Your pre-loaded balance is billed as you receive impressions.

Does TrafficJunky offer CPC pricing?

TrafficJunky does not offer CPC. The volume and value of our traffic best fits the CPM live bidding model we have developed, allowing advertisers with any budget to run a test at low risk while maximizing their return on investment.

Does TrafficJunky offer flat rate pricing?

Flat rate sales are managed by an experienced flat rates sales team and are only available for product owners. Only proven products on our traffic will be able to make an application for prepaid inventory. To inquire about the possibility of arranging a flat rate deal, please e-mail


How do I make a payment?

TrafficJunky works on pay-as-you-purchase. You need to load up a balance before you start receiving traffic. You can load funds into your account by PayPal, credit card and other methods. Your pre-loaded balance can be viewed in the top right corner of your page when you are logged into your account.

How do I make a payment via Credit Card?

Get your VISA® and Mastercard® payments enabled and add funds to your balance instantly. To enable credit card billing, call us at 1.514-359-3545 during business hours to speak to a TrafficJunky Representative to complete the process. Our sales team will verify your account information over the phone and will request that you provide us with the following:

  • Government issued photo I.D. - The front of your credit card showing ONLY the last 4 digits
  • You can send the documents via fax to +1.514.359.3556 or e-mail
  • The minimum payment accepted via VISA® and Mastercard® is $100.00 USD

How do I make a payment via PayPal?

To top-up your account balance with PayPal®, log into your account, click on +Add Funds, and click on the Recharge button. Include your TrafficJunky username in PayPal®: Get your PayPal® payments enabled and add funds to your balance instantly.

First, please send your payment manually to the following PayPal account:
Our sales team will verify your account information over the phone and will request that you provide us with the following:

  • Government issued photo I.D.
  • TJ account name
  • Paypal email account
  • You can send the required information by e-mail at using your PayPal® email address
  • The minimum payment accepted via PayPal® is $25.00 USD

How do I make a payment via Discover®?

Get your Discover® card payments enabled and add funds to your balance instantly. To enable credit card billing, call us at 1.514.359.3545 during business hours to speak to a TrafficJunky Representative to complete the process. Our sales team will verify your account information over the phone with you and will request that you fax a copy of government issued photo I.D. and the front of your credit card showing the last 4 digits. The fax number is 1.514.359.3556.

  • The minimum payment accepted via Discover® is $100.00 USD

How do I receive an invoice after a payment?

Your invoice is created and e-mailed to you following each payment along with a payment confirmation. To modify the e-mails you are subscribed to, click on My Profile.

Does TrafficJunky provide insertion orders?

TrafficJunky does not provide insertion orders for bidding clients. Providing an insertion order is not compatible with how advertisers market on TrafficJunky. Traffic is purchased on a live bidding platform, and advertising campaigns are created on a self-serve user interface. Funds are pre-loaded into a user's account and deducted from as an advertiser's campaign as it receives traffic.

Can I get a refund for pre-loaded funds?

TrafficJunky issues refunds for un-used, pre-loaded funds. To request a refund, please e-mail TrafficJunky will not issue a refund for purchased traffic. Refund requests are invalid for users distributing malware or malicious JavaScript.

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