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How To Advertise

Your ads are only a few steps away from the audience you want to reach

Advertising with TrafficJunky is simple and intuitive. Our self-serve interface, advanced targeting options, CPM- bidding platform, and highly-trafficked publisher sites are a winning combination that help you run a successful marketing campaign.


Define your Campaign

Get precise with your message

Set the name, target group and daily budget for your campaign. Choose from additional budget and schedule settings such as time targeting and frequency capping to give you more control over your campaign.


Select a Site & Placement

Choose where to get exposure

Choose from a list of highly trafficked websites and select the spot where your ads should be displayed. You can select a specific site through premium spots or run on multiple sites through run of network spots.


Target your Market

Define your audience

Target your market on web and mobile devices with optional Geo-targeting. Target a niche market with keyword targeting.


Add Banners to your Campaign

Get creative with your message

Upload banner images or select previously used ones from your image bank to display to your audience.


Bid for CPM Impressions

Spread your message

Adjust your CPM bid in real time based on current market prices. Impressions served to your campaign depends on your bid and budget relative to that of other advertisers. Controlling your campaign budget and CPM bid ensure you only pay for the traffic that you want at the price you're willing to pay.


Review your Statistics,
Optimize & Scale

Analyze your results

Review your campaign's impression, click, and cost data to make result-driven decisions. Edit your campaign's settings and targets to boost its performance. Optimize your campaign for our audience and scale your media-buying on our global high-quality network. Your campaign's potential is limitless.

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