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Our ad-serving technology empowers mobile advertisers by allowing them to run highly targeted, self-optimizing campaigns.. TrafficJunky's Mobile Ad Network gives you access to millions of users worldwide across various mobile devices like the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Join our ad network today and put our advanced mobile advertising solutions to work for you.

Mobile Advertising

Reach your audience on all devices

Mobile advertising has become vital to reaching your audience, as cell phone adoption rates, especially smartphone adoption rates, soar globally. Smartphones and mobile technology is mass media that is personal, always on and always with you. Because of this, mobile advertising is advantageous to marketing on any other device. TrafficJunky puts your mobile ads in front of millions of visitors worldwide as they use their smartphones throughout the day.

Reach a targeted audience

Define your targets, reach your core market and maximize your profits

With TrafficJunky's targeting capabilities mobile advertising is precise and powerful.. Target your mobile advertising campaign by geographic location, demographic and time of day. Our targeting focuses on delivering the right ad to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.

Mobile Ads Technology

Leverage the mobile web with our advanced advertising technology

TrafficJunky understands that mobile advertising is crucial for a brand looking to build its online presence. Running higher performing mobile ad campaigns is a reality with TrafficJunky. Our custom-built, self-serve platform provides you with a user-friendly environment to buy mobile ad spots. Take full control over your advertising location, targeting, and costs. Additionally, optimize to your target CPA goal with our Auto-Optimization technology.

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