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TrafficJunky is a highly available real-time application. Rapid failover response time means no interruption of our ad delivery for publishers or advertisers.

Fast & Reliable Systems

99.98% Uptime!

Our high-speed, high-availability network provides fast and reliable ad serving technology to advertisers and publishers. TrafficJunky’s High Availability (HA) architecture uses Synchronous Mirroring (Replication) with Automatic Failover and Failback technology, allowing the system to continue operating properly at all times.

  • Geographically distributed data centers: Our data centers and servers are distributed across multiple continents worldwide.
  • Scalable systems: Our systems are designed to handle billions of ad impressions served daily.
  • Ads served in milliseconds: 99.98% of ads are served in milliseconds; this includes ads served to visitors from tier 3 countries.
  • 'Five-nines' uptime: Our operational performance maintain 99.999% uptime- that means our systems experience less than six minutes of downtime a year.

Comprehensive Statistics & Analytics

Technology and Analytics

It's a data-driven world, especially when it comes to advertising. Turn data into actionable insights at every stage of your campaign with TrafficJunky’s comprehensive technology and analytical reporting tools.

  • Easy-to-generate reports: Cost and Impression statistics available within five minutes of your ad being served.
  • Auto-optimization: Apply ad statistics to automatically rotate your banners and increase the exposure of the most profitable ones.
  • Advanced analytics: Get a clear view of your overall marketing performance as well as individual campaign efficiency.
  • Data-driven decisions: Performance analytics can be broken down by date, campaign, ad, and by the source of each impression (website, spot, geo location, time of day, etc).

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