Traffic Opportunities

Recently, we made some changes to the minimum bid on several premium spots:

Pornhub Tablet Network – Inplayer from $0.10 to $0.05
YouPorn iPad Network – Inplayer from $0.10 to $0.05
Spankwire Mobile Gay – Footer from $0.08 to $0.03

This is an ongoing effort from the TJ Team to offer the best traffic at the best price, in order to help our advertisers and publishers achieve their most ambitious web marketing goals.

If you are looking for great advertising opportunities for your offer, you can also check the Opportunities Report in your TrafficJunky account.

Based on the targets you select, this report will show you the spots where you can get high quality traffic at the best price.

You can also give our Tier 3 and RON spots a try, both include traffic from our Premium sites and many more.

Happy bidding!

The TJ Team


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