Want to target millennials?

Online advertising is all about knowing your target.

If you want to target 18-25 year old users, you have to know more about their habits and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Thanks to our friends at Pornhub Insights, we are better able to understand how they browse adult tube sites.

1 – Time targeting is of the essence!

When you are young, you are more likely to be out with friends when the week is over rather than in front of your computer screen. This makes Friday nights and Saturday nights less ideal when targeting the younger generation. Stats indicate, rather, that the best time to reach them would be Monday nights between eleven PM and midnight.

2 – Geo target

If you are targeting the US, here’s a map that should help you.

It appears that the highest proportion of millennial-aged users are found in North Dakota, New York and California, respectively. In fact, New York and California are two states that help drive the most traffic to Pornhub in the entire country. While these countries have the highest proportion of millennial-aged users, New England states such as New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont have lowest proportion. Previous research shows that these states contain the largest proportions of elderly viewers.

If you’re targeting the rest of the world, it’s helpful to know where the largest proportions of millennials reside. Pornhub Insights has done the research for us and this handy chart will tell you exactly where your 18-25 year olds are:


3 – Keyword targets

If you are looking for more specific traffic, TrafficJunky offers the ability to use keyword targeting in your campaigns.

Keyword targeting allows advertisers to reach users in the right context. Your banners will only display when your keywords are searched, so if you want to target millennials more directly, be sure to choose the matching keywords with the most visibility.

Below is the list of the most popular terms searched by millennials:



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