Xhamster Top Right Square PC Now Available for Bidding

tj update
TrafficJunky is happy to announce our bidding platform will be adding a new Xhamster PC spot as of today!

For more details on the spot itself, please see the placement specifications below:

Name: Xhamster PC – Category Top Right Square
Dimensions: 300×250
Min Bid: $0.12
GEO Targeting: Yes
Ad Rules: 
  • Acceptable file formats: Jpeg, Gif, Png, Video
  • Animation is allowed
  • Each text/image that is animated must display for a minimum of 2 seconds
  • Maximum file size: 300kb
  • Fake Player Not Permitted (player bar, play button, stop button, pause button)
  • Fake disclaimers Not Permitted (are you 18+, yes/no)
  • Fake close buttons Not Permitted (Windows button close “x”)

Start bidding today and create a new campaign!


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