Blog Roundup: Negotiate Higher Payouts and More

As part of a new feature on our blog, we’ll be collecting a series of different posts and news articles which we’ll curate for you weekly. Have something you think we should post? Send your tips to

Firstly, we have Charles Ngo which helps affiliates negotiate higher payouts in his latest blog post where he’ll teach you a valuable lesson in life and in business; what’s in it for them?

Our friends over at PornHub Insights have compiled the most common misspelled porn searches by state. Perhaps you’ll want to consider adding a few of these terms to your keyword targeted campaigns!

Nir Eyal with a fascinating long form take on how to use personality science to drive online conversions detailing the five big personality traits and how to market specific products and landing pages to those types of people.

The fine team over at AdWeek have compiled 8 Digital Marketing Stats That Got Our Attention. Covering everything from mobile eating away at traditional media to how Wonder Woman is taking over the online chatter.

It wouldn’t be a TJ post if we didn’t plug our own products, would it? Earlier this week, TrafficJunky announced the addition of a new Xhamster spot on PC. The Top Right Square placement is now available for bidding.

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