Three Ways to Create Animated GIFS

While static banners have their own merit, it’s always recommended you test out animated advertisements also. We’ve listed three ways you can create your own GIF banners online.

Most of our power users will upload a blend of both static and animated banners on a daily basis. It’s always a good idea to diversify the types of Ads you use – rotating banners often is a common method of avoiding banner burnout.

Banner burnout occurs among advertisers in any industry; over-exposing an Ad to a website visitor will be a contributing factor to lower Click through rates, which affects your sales.

While we’ve covered the anatomy of a banner ad in the past, creating GIFs isn’t exactly as easy as arranging a few Photoshop layers.

Lucky for us, the internet is riddled with services and solutions available to you which will help you create a GIF.  We’re even nice enough to scour the internet and find the three best methods for you!


Less is more. 

If ever you needed to understand what this old idiom meant, is the perfect site to visit. Those of you merely looking for simple slideshow style GIFs will be in heaven.

Upload the images of your choice and toggle the desired settings in the control panel on the right. Keep in mind you’ll need 2000 milliseconds between frames in order for your animated banner to be compliant with TJ’s rules and regulations.

2. Giphy – GIF Maker

The next logical step would be an animated GIF sourced from video files. Lucky for you, you can easily convert video files with Giphy’s GIF maker.

As a result you’ll also be able to add captions and animated text to your GIF if you’re looking to spruce it up a little. Again, not exactly the greatest suite of options, but it’s free! Who can argue with that?

3. Photoshop

If you’re a little more computer savvy and want to immediately dive into deep waters, creating a GIF in Photoshop is the way to go. Needless to say, the extensive array of tools and settings available will more than likely produce quality results.

Considering the internet exists, you’ll have tons of insightful resources at your disposal. Boot up Photoshop and check out Hubspot’s tutorial if you’re ready to get started.

In conclusion, we’ve reviewed two online options for quick ways to create your GIF and have listed an old favorite. While all three options are solid, you’ll ultimately gravitate to the easiest product!



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