Blog Roundup: 10 of the Best Ads from June and More

And just like that, June has come and gone. Here are a few blog posts from around the web you might have missed last week. Think we should feature an article? Send your tips to

Let’s round it up!

To get you started, modern marketing standout Seth Godin has a small yet powerful post about holding back. Perhaps this can inspire a few of you to refrain from “exchanging the important for the urgent”.

Godin is a favorite of ours, always providing insightful and inspiring posts. We’ll have more of him in the future, in the meantime make sure to bookmark his blog.

In case you needed inspiration, Blog Roundup regulars Hubspot have broken down the ten best ads from the month of June.  These pieces are perfect representations on how to effectively convey a message in 2017.

Check out the Delta Airlines mural in Brooklyn designed to act as the background of your next Instagram post. In case you wanted to impress friends with the ‘trip to London’ you took last year.

After sharing a relatively tiny post above, here’s something with a little more meat on its bones. The always brilliant Mobidea Academy have a detailed tutorial on how to write banner ad copy in different languages.

From understanding what’s in a word to listing the best sites and services available to advertisers, this post covers it all.

This is particularly vital information if you’re looking to target different locations worldwide. Having translated banners will greatly increase your chances at converting.


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