Argentina GEO Spotlight: Five Placements to Target



Our spotlight series covers different locations you should be targeting worldwide. In this edition we’ll be taking a look at some placements available to you in Argentina.

As usual we’ll be listing the placement itself,  daily traffic available, minimum CPM rate, average bid and spot dimensions.

Spotlight: Argentina

  • Pornhub PC – Footer Squares – 492, 560 – $0.03
  • RedTube PC – Footer Squares – 95, 049 – $0.04
  • RedTube PC – Video A – 144, 991 – $0.08
  • Pornhub PC – In Player – 296, 661 – $0.07
  • RedTube Mobile – Header – 79, 175 – $0.10

Furthermore, keep in mind that targeting Argentina will also mean you’ll need to update your banners.

Most importantly having someone translate your banners to Spanish–while considering local dialects–will greatly increase your chances at converting.

Together with the list above, make sure to consult our full list of available spots and traffic quantity.

In addition, please make sure to contact with any questions concerning the placements above.

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