Blog Roundup: Using Emotional Images and More

As part of our weekly roundup series, here are a few blog posts and articles you might have missed. Think we should feature something on our blog? Send your tips to

Let’s round it up!

Over at Marketo, they have listed ten tips to help increase conversions and heed positive results. Detailing everything you’ll need in order to stay consistent and simplify your flow.

Ultimately, these might seem like very simple tips for some, but will definitely help new advertisers. For you veterans, a little refresher isn’t always a bad thing.

Rolling along with conversions and landing pages you’ll find gold in Wordstream’s latest on emotional images in landing pages. Breaking down how we process visuals in comparison to text and proper use of CTA buttons.

We always suggest localizing your creatives with translated banners and landing pages. Before doing so, you’ll want to peep’s account on how to properly outsource your content.

A few quick do’s and don’ts that will surely help you find the right people and establish long lasting relationships with translators.

Lastly, PornHub Insights has provided us with yet another interesting–especially in this case–post. While adult entertainment is banned in North Korea, with Google still reporting incoming traffic we’re lucky enough to get a statistical breakdown!

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