Blog Roundup: How to Sell Anything Online and More

blog roundup

Welcome to our blog roundup, where we scour the internet for articles you might find interesting. Think we missed one? Send your tips to

Let’s Round it Up!

For starters, Verdict has a quick write-up about mobile advertising revenue taking over desktop.

Mentioning “advertisers are putting that much more effort into engaging users through videos and interactive ads”.

Over at Copyblogger, Brian Clark details how to capture and hold attention with a bold proclamation.

Moreover these are crucial tips if you’re looking to garner an emotional response from your audience. Which in turn, leads to a conversion.

While we love impressions, we’re all about conversions in the long run.

Since we’re on the subject of writing copy, Charles Ngo has an interesting write up on how to sell anything online.

Last but not least, Winter is Here. PornHub Insights details how the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere affected site traffic.

If not for the love of Westeros, at least for the infatuation with social phenomenons like HBO’s award-winning program.

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