Four Spots You Need to Target Today

The TrafficJunky network has no shortage of available spots. Picking placements is a daunting task for any new advertiser.

As usual, your good friends over at TrafficJunky Blog have got you covered. We’ve therefore gone ahead and picked four spots for you to target!

But first, a few words about our Tablet traffic.

Contrary to other networks, our Tablet traffic is not considered Mobile or Desktop. As a result, we let advertisers select Tablet as their targeted device.

Because of this we’ll see lots of available traffic on Tablet at affordable CPM! You can check out the full daily inventory here.

You might also want to bookmark that page. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you.

Four placements you should target

While we love clickbait titles, we hate getting clickbaited ourselves. Since this is why you clicked in the first place, here’s four spots you should check out today:

Pornhub Tablet Network – Top Right Square 
GEO Pornhub Tablet Network – Top Right Square 

Pornhub Mobile Network – Underplayer 
GEO Pornhub Mobile Network – Underplayer

Okay you got us, this is only two spots! But four different configurations if you decide to GEO-target.

We know, all four of these are PornHub. That’s just a fragment of where the traffic is but its most importantly where your bids should be.

Whether you’re geo-targeting or aiming for the world, you can almost smell the affordability of these spots.

Uncertain as to what you should target next? Reach out to us and let us help you pick.


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