Blog Roundup: Ten YouTube Channels to Watch and More

You know the drill. Blog Roundup compiles a few useful articles you might have missed over the last week. Think we should cover you? Contact us!

Let’s round it up!

You need motivation, we all need motivation. Lucky for us the Internet is an absolute motivational gold mine.

While Pinterest and Instagram images are cool, it’s always fun to be boosted by a real person. As a result, Hubspot has compiled twenty-two of the best motivational speeches.

We’re mostly just happy they included Al Pacino’s ‘Inches’ speech. Which one is your favorite?

Over at Neil Patel‘s blog, he’s written up a case study on Stone Brewing and how they win at social media.

Patel writes another fantastic piece of content breaking down how Stone’s followers have surpassed Budweiser on Instagram. From content riddled with personality to always being on brand, everything counts.

The Harvard Business Review‘s Niraj Dawar investigates if offline purchases are due to online ads.  Especially with the announcement that Google will now connect online ads to brick and mortar sales.

Finally, John Chow has compiled a list of ten YouTube channels you need to start watching. Check out our personal favorite Behind the Brand which is perfect at creating visually enthralling success stories.

What about you? Any YouTube channels you think we should subscribe to? Comment down below with your favorites!


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