iGaming Offers: Three Things to Know

The English Premier League returns this weekend. Floyd Mayweather faces off with Conor McGregor in less than three weeks. Here’s how you can take advantage of all this sporting madness.

With major events come the gazillions generated in betting revenue. For advertisers like you, this means getting a chunk of those sign-ups.

For seasoned veterans, you know the drill. How do you go about advertising your gambling offer if you’re new?

Here are three things you absolutely need to consider:


You can’t merely pump out a few banners featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and expect a slew of new members. Picking the right incentive can be tricky, good thing you’re split testing right?

Bet five pounds, get five pounds. Bet on this match, get double the odds. Every betting site has their own offers. You’ll want to make sure that message is clear.

If you happen to run your own site, even better! Get creative with your offer, go wild.


Are you using TrafficJunky’s geo-targeting option? Good.

Aside from translating your banners based on the language spoken in the country you’re targeting, what else can you do?

Add one more layer to your targeting strategy! Check out this map of Premier League followers by country for example. Key information like this will help you reach the right audience.

We can go even further and feature the team colors on the ad. The devil hides in the details folks, try everything!


With so many sporting events happening every weekend, one can easily get lost in the chaos.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, match-specific banners will force you to rotate your banners on a weekly basis.

Moreover, they’ll require you to use TrafficJunky’s scheduling feature. You can easily setup campaigns per match and have them stop running minutes before kickoff.

You never know when you’ll get that last minute sign-up, right?

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