Blog Roundup: 7 Keys to Staying Productive and More

Blog Roundup

Welcome to yet another edition of blog roundup! As always, we’ve curated articles you might have missed this week. Think yours should be featured? Email us!

Let’s round it up!

For starters, check out our friends at PornHub Insights and their breakdown of the the Russian audience.

From top search terms by year to popular categories based on location. It’s all there in its usual statistical beauty. This is must-read material for anyone targeting the Russian Federation.

Over at Hubspot, they’ve listed seven brands already using chatbots in their marketing.

Welcome to future of 2017 where Spider-Man messages you and Starbucks helps you pick your coffee.

MarketingLand breaks down Facebook’s recent crackdown for pages which disguise as links breaking their terms of use.

It’s safe to say you don’t want to mess with Facebook’s compliance team and the artificial intelligence behind it.

Last but not least, you’ll find seven keys to staying productive over at Copyblogger. For days when you would rather be watching cats on YouTube instead of pumping out those TPS reports.

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