Five Spots You Need to Target in Sweden

It’s time for another GEO spotlight! In this edition we’ll have a look at Sweden and five spots you should start targeting today.

Spotlight: Sweden

We’re all connected to Sweden somehow. From desk lamps to kitchen sets, our Scandinavian ties run ¬†deep.

For some of you, this means targeting Swedes as potential sign-ups to your dating offer. So what placements should you be targeting?

Glad you asked, here’s five handpicked spots you should look at. As always, we’re listing the placement, daily traffic and minimum CPM rate.

  • Pornhub PC – Video B – 1 069 229 – $0.16
  • Spankbang PC – Footer Squares – 104 511 – $0.03
  • Pornhub PC – Footer Squares – 964 512 – $0.04
  • Pornhub Tablet – Video A – 242 337 – $0.16
  • YouPorn Tablet – Footer – 89 949 – $0.05

Furthermore, have a look at some Sweden insights for you courtesy of our friends at PornHub. Not content with five spots? Take a peep at our daily pricing and inventory for more options!

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