Five Spots You Need To Target in France

We’re back at it with our GEO Spotlight series! We hand picked five spots you should be bidding on if you want to target France.

Now, there’s plenty of traffic available to you in France. For more on what to expect from L’Hexagone in terms of impressions, have a look at our inventory.

As always, we’ve listed the spot name, daily average impressions and starting CPM.

Spotlight: France

  1. YouPorn Mobile Underplayer – 258 207 – $0.12
  2. YouPorn iPad Video B – 358 453 – $0.13
  3. RedTube Mobile Header – 1 252 589 – $0.15
  4. Pornhub PC Footer Square – 1 386 454 – $0.02
  5. Pornhub PC Video A – 2 491 175 – $0.10

There you have it! Considering all these placements are on our top three sites, you’ll want to have a look at our rules and regulations.

While Mobile devices aren’t too strict with animation rules, PC and Tablet are different beasts. Here are three common rejection reasons when it comes to animation.

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