Five Spots You Should Target in Spain


Here’s another edition of our GEO spotlight series! You get a hand picked list of five placements to target for a given country. This week, you’ll be traveling to Spain.

While we’ve selected a few spots for you to target, you might want to check out our inventory.

As always, included in the list is the placement itself, average daily impressions and starting CPM.

GEO Spotlight: Spain

  • Pornhub Mobile Footer – 2 127 652 – $0.08
  • Redtube Mobile Header – 1 328 600 – $0.15
  • Pornhub PC Video B – 1 793 372 – $0.11
  • Pornhub Mobile Underplayer – 456 400 – $0.06
  • YouPorn Mobile Header – 501 773 – $0.05

Is this your first time targeting Spain?

You might want to come equipped with some knowledge. Here’s some insights from our friends over at PornHub.

We’re also here to help you optimize! Contact our team should you need any further assistance.

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