Five Spots You Should Be Targeting in Brazil


Here’s another entry in our GEO spotlight series. This iteration brings us to Brazil for five spots you should target.

You might know Brazil for its Footballers, Caipirinhas and Carnivals. We know it for the traffic on our network.

Here are five spots you should be aiming for. As always we’ve listed the placement, daily average impressions and starting CPM.

GEO Spotlight: Brazil

  1. Redtube Mobile Header – 4 112 177 – $0.03
  2. Pornhub PC Video B – 1 845 826 – $0.05
  3. Redtube Mobile Footer – 1 714 075 – $0.06
  4. Pornhub PC – Top Right Square – 455 569 – $0.06
  5. Redtube Mobile Underplayer – 441 184 – $0.05

Remember to localize those banners by getting them translated. Adding flags and Brazilian color schemes is always a must.

If you’re looking for more data, Pornhub Insights has you covered. For more on how Redtube does in the land of green and yellow, see here.

Still unsure how to approach targeting South America? Give us a shout!


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