Three Important Tips for New TrafficJunky Advertisers

Welcome to TrafficJunky! You’ve just signed up to our platform and have absolutely no idea where to go from here. Don’t worry, we got you.

1. How many banners do I upload?

Most new TJ advertisers will sign up, guns blazing out the gate with one fresh banner! Nope, wrong.

The platform is perfect for testing, you won’t get much test data with one banner.

You’ll want to start off by trying out between five and six advertisements. Consider switching some of the elements around, colors models and copy.

For more on the anatomy of a banner. 

Testing more banners will allow you to pinpoint which ones are performing better. Look for a good ratio between total impressions and clicks received per banner.

From your campaign settings page, hit the ‘ads’ tab. Then segment the report per banner. You can then easily remove the ads that aren’t working for you.

You of course want to make sure your campaign has run for a few days. Get the right sample size of data and start trimming away the fat.

2. Where should I bid?

For starters, familiarize yourself with our sites and spots. This will give you the full rundown of what’s available.

As you will surely hear a few more times on your journey to advertising supremacy, you’ll want to test everything. That doesn’t mean you should spend carelessly.

Consider every spot located above the fold such as Top Right Square and Video A or B. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target footers, they come at super low rates and that’s always good.

Check out those 950×250 footers while you’re at it, more space to tell your story.

Run on everything for a few days in order to get the stats you need. Once you’ve collected enough data, start turning off spots that aren’t performing to your liking.

3. What should be my landing page?

Simple, if you’re pushing a specific product or niche make sure that it’s reflected on the landing page.

Don’t make the advertisement about MILFS and have the landing page riddled with college girls.

If you’re advertising an online shop you want to consider limiting the clicks. Try going straight from click to purchase. Test out different copy and incentives for a potential buyer to order now.

In conclusion, remember the three facets we covered today. Find the right amount of banners to upload then optimize your bids and landing pages.

Most importantly, test everything. 

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