Five Spots You Should Target in South Africa

We’re back for another post in our GEO Spotlight series! We draft five placements you should be targeting for a given country. This week, we’ll be looking at South Africa.

As always, we’ll be listing the placement, average daily traffic and the minimum CPM rate.

Spotlight: South Africa

  1. Pornhub PC Footer Squares – 496 249 – $0.06
  2. Pornhub PC Video A – 241 241 – $0.11
  3. Redtube Mobile Header – 171 664 – $0.26
  4. Pornhub PC Top Right Square – 85 634 – $0.08
  5. Pornhub PC Inplayer – 68 373 – $0.13

Remember, knowledge is power! If you’re jumping into a South African targeted campaign, make sure you do some research first.

Pornhub’s Insights page is a great place to start if you’re looking for comprehensive stats.

Moreover, check out the numbers they compiled on South Africa in their 2014 report.

Still not sure how to get the ball rolling? Contact our support team for some assistance with your campaigns!

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