Blog Roundup: Drawing Popular Logos and More

Blog Roundup: Drawing Popular Logos and More

After a few weeks off, we’re back with our blog roundup! We scope the internet for articles you may have missed last week. Think we should cover yours? Make sure you email

Let’s round it up!

We start off with a fascinating study featured in AdWeek. asked 150 Americans to draw popular brand logos from memory.

Simple logos like Ikea and Target seemed to render the most accurate drawings. With more complex logos like Starbucks seeing a less successful draw rate.

Over at Charles Ngo‘s blog, he breaks down a few of the reasons why learning affiliate marketing is hard.

From understanding the multiple skill sets needed and how to grasp the different nuances.

Needless to say, this is must-read content if you’re diving into affiliate marketing for the first time.

Our friends at Advidi have broken down eight problems encountered by new iGaming affiliates. They’ve also generously provided solutions to those problems!

If you’re ¬†looking to run casino, slots or betting offers this is mandatory reading.

While we’ve yet to cover Portugal in our GEO Spotlight series, our good friends at PornHub Insights have once again delivered.

Right this way for a comprehensive breakdown of the Portuguese audience which is especially useful if you’re targeting that location.


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