Five Photoshop Video Tutorials for Beginners

Five Photoshop Video Tutorials for Beginners

You want your ads to look good right? Lucky for you the TrafficJunky team has once again put its beautiful heads together to compile five Photoshop video tutorials for beginners.

Removing the background from an image

Other tutorials will wax poetic about the ‘eraser tool’ and ‘magic wand’. They aren’t entirely wrong, those are two great tools in their own right.

Having said that, you want to be using the ‘pen’ tool. While it takes a little more time, good things come to those who wait.

Source: Mark Alfred Paul

Using the type tool

Your ads will need text, won’t they? While the ‘T’ icon in the toolbar is pretty self-explanatory you want to make sure you’re using it right.

Source: Good Creative Academy

Using the transform tool

The more you start creating more intricate designs, the more you’ll be manipulating and transforming layers.

There’s a slew of different options at your disposal in order to use this the right way. Nothing worse than a distorted, low-quality image.

Source: Simon Sez IT

Changing the color of pretty much anything

Maybe you’re looking to mix things up with your models but only have a few pictures at your disposal.

Here’s how you can switch up your models from Spanish to Swedish in no-time.


Making an animated GIF

Some placements on the TrafficJunky network allow for animation. See here for more info. While there’s nothing wrong with static images, you’ll definitely want to diversify.

Source: Mark Galer’s Alpha Creative Skills

Videos are nice but sometimes you just need a longform article you can enjoy in the tub. We’ve got you covered, check out Lifehacker’s comprehensive breakdown of Photoshop.


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