Blog Roundup: 10 Important Marketing Stats and More

Here we are for another edition of Blog Roundup! We comb the interweb for insightful marketing articles so you don’t have to. Ready to get started?

Blog Roundup 2

Let’s round it up!

If you’re a TJ regular reader we’d like to start off by saying thank you. Secondly, you might remember us covering five Photoshop video tutorials for beginners.

Keeping with that vibe, Wix has listed 10 Photoshop Tips and Tricks for new users. You’re always learning with Photoshop, gotta keep that sword sharp.

Don’t want to pay for Photoshop–we get you, it’s expensive–remember Pixlr is a tremendous free alternative.

If you’re in e-commerce you’ll want to peep the next link, even if it’s the only thing you read this week.

Digital Marketer has 21 Lessons the World’s Largest Online retailers spent millions to learn. All delivered to your screen, for free.

From cart visibility to progress bar and account creation. These tips aren’t solely directed at retailers. Anyone with a landing page or sales funnel needs to pay attention to this.

Over at Econsultancy, they’ve dug up 10 important digital marketing stats from last week.

Lastly, we’ll all be writing something in our digital marketing careers. Blogs, copy, landing pages and angry e-mails. Writing is a crucial aspect.

That said, Vandelay Design has 12 of the best books for content marketing and writing better web copy.

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