Top 10 GEOs: Brazil

While our GEO Spotlight series has done a great job covering different countries you should target, our aim with ‘Top 10 GEOs’ is providing you with a more insightful offering.

top 10 geos brazil

Maybe you’re Vin Diesel screaming ‘this is Bra-zil’ in front of a crowd of street racing hooligans. Maybe you’re just a an advertiser looking to by traffic from the land of Samba.

Either way, we dig you and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

After Poland and Italy, we take our first trip to South America for an inside look at Brazil.

Brazil by the Numbers

  • Daily Impressions: 81 623 036
  • Three spots under $0.10 CPM:
    • Pornhub Mobile – Header
    • Redtube Mobile – Header
    • Pornhub PC – Inplayer
  • Sold CPM: $0.09

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Okay, this is the last time we tell you–probably not–but Pornhub Insights is one of the most useful pages for TrafficJunky advertisers. Give it a read some time, will ya?

Brazilians look like they really love Overwatch, the popular video game was the top search in 2016. Top three categories were Anal, Lesbian and Teen.

Mia Khalifa and Julia Paes were two of most searched models last year. I promise I’m going somewhere with this. These are two tanned, brunette models. Having said that, maybe that’s what your dating offer banner should feature when targeting Brazil.

As far as gaining searches goes, ‘lesbian licking’ grew 459%. Another rising search was ‘star wars’ and considering there’s a new movie coming out this year–like every year until eternity–you might want to consider tailoring your ads!

All stats taken from October 23rd 2017.

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