Blog Roundup: Halloween Insights and More

Here we are for yet another edition of blog roundup! We scour the internet for marketing articles you might have missed, free of charge. From butt euphemisms to Halloween insights, we got you covered.

Blog Roundup 2

Let’s round it up

AdWeek has a quick featurette on Toto, the world’s largest manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and fittings. Where it gets particularly interesting is their new campaign and specifically the accompanying video.

In it, the spokesperson sees himself walking and talking using every possible euphemism for the word butt. He does so by hosing everything down. Have a look for yourself below.  Since our network allows for much more variety and creative freedom, we think this video is a perfect source of inspiration!

Continuing with inventive efforts, HubSpot has tabulated the 10 best ads from the month of October. There’s a special place in our heart for ‘Device Free Dinner’ featuring Will Ferrell and Tile’s ‘Lost Panda’.

The always insightful Neil Patel returns with an enlightening post, detailing six lazy marketing tips for busy business owners.

We urge you to strongly consider tip number one, outsourcing the work can make a massive difference. Especially if you’re interested in quality.

Lastly, PornHub insights knocks another one out of the park with their Halloween-themed post.

Analyzing how the traffic changes, search term growth and popular cosplay searches. Remember, search terms can often-times inspire some of your best creative work. From banner to landing page to sale. Everything you need for a successful campaign.



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