Top 10 GEOs: Japan

While our GEO Spotlight series has done a great job covering different countries you should target, our aim with ‘Top 10 GEOs’ is providing you with a more insightful offering.

top 10 geos japan

It’s crazy how much Japanese products influence our day to day.  From Sushi dinners to Nintendos and the trend doesn’t change on our network. Japanese traffic is huge on TrafficJunky.

After checking out Brazil last week, let’s have a look at traffic insights in the land of the Rising Sun.

Japan by the Numbers

  • Daily impressions: 137 679 239
  • Three spots under $0.10 CPM:
    • Pornhub Mobile Header – $0.08
    • Tube8 PC Video B – $0.09
    • Pornhub PC Inplayer – $0.07
  • Sold CPM: $0.07

You’ll want to consult our daily pricing and inventory page for a full breakdown!


The good thing about Japan is their varied taste in almost everything. From game shows to what kind of porn they watch, the Japanese leave us either smiling or baffled.

The proverbial pudding comes from Pornhub Insight’s 2016 Year in Review. School girls, hentai, japanese game show and massage are all things being searched by Japanese visitors.

That information is key for any future affiliate struggling to determine what offer he should run. School girls on your dating banners, hentai-inspired gaming offers and massage video on demand. How much sense does that make?

Again, we sound like a broken record but make sure you localize those banners. Targeting Japan? Your English banners just won’t do. Outsource that translation and hit the ground running.

Time to create your campaigns, reach out to our team in order to get started!


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