Black Friday 2016 by the Numbers

Okay, it’s time to get those Black Friday campaigns prepped and ready to launch. Still not convinced?

That’s where we come in. If you read our blog roundup series, you know we’re great at scouring the internet to find useful information.

While it might not be something you’ve prepared for, you might change your mind after reading this.

Black Friday 2016 by the Numbers

Black Friday 2016 accounted for $3.34B in total sales which represents a 21.6% year-over-year growth. Desktop represented the majority of online sales, notching 64% of the revenue.

Purchases from Mobile devices accounted for $1.2B. This makes it the first day to generate over one billion dollars in sales from Mobile devices.

Online buys–totaling 44%–surpassed the in-store sales numbers of 40% with sales peaking between 8 and 10AM. 

On a broader scope, you’ll find that a total of $12.8B was spent online between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. That period saw a 15% increase in online sales from 2015.

Reports also saw abandonment rates drop 7% from the rest of the year average of 75%. The intent to purchase is definitely more present on Black Friday.

More than just a day

The Black Friday numbers are massive, don’t get us wrong.

As you can see with the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday numbers above, this is much more than just a one-day thing.

People shop for deals either for themselves or for that perfect Holiday gift–and do so all throughout November well into December.

Cyber Monday saw almost equal numbers to Friday with $3.3B in online sales. Amazon estimated sales at well over $80 million, one of their biggest days ever.

Convinced yet?

Again, we’re very realistic that lots of these are slashed prices on usually expensive electronics. What we’re also aware of is everyone loves a good deal.

And that, is something you’ll want to take advantage of starting now. By preparing, announcing and launching your Black Friday campaigns.

Our team will be right there with you on November 24th, check out our Black Friday primer for more. 

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