Blog Roundup: Landing Page Analyzer and More

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Unbouce has officially unveiled their landing page analyzer.

This free AI-powered service leverages Unbounce’s tech by using data they’ve collected from close to 75 million visitors on 64 000 landing page which were created on their platform.

It’s supported by Google Best Practices and provides you with a grade on nine different performance categories. Did we mention it’s free? It’s safe to say you can’t afford to miss out on this phenomenal service.

The fine folks over at the Hubspot blog have broken down eight Holiday email tips from industry experts. While you may feel email is an antiquated medium, we strongly recommend you give it a shot.

Amazon continue to test the waters with the variety of different technologies available. Starting today, the AR View feature will allow shoppers to browse Amazon products and place them wherever they want via augmented reality.

Want to know how this comically large pair of scissors will look on your desk, boom AR View. From kitchenware to lava lamps, the possibilities are endless.

Preview the item in your home, buy it with your Prime account and get it delivered in twenty-four hours. What a time to be alive.

Finally, our close and personal friends at Pornhub Insights have a super intricate breakdown of Italian Women versus Men. Dating affiliates targeting Italy, this is obligatory reading.

From what’s being searched by region to most viewed categories. This is the usual enthralling content we’ve come to know and love from PH Insights.

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