How Much Does Traffic Cost on TrafficJunky?

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. That said, we’ll try to not look too stupid when answering the headline above.


Emails, phone calls and Skype conversations. All three are happening at the same time at the TJ office. Some with experienced veterans, some with new advertisers.

If there’s one question that comes out in every interaction we have with a new member it’s definitely about cost.

We get it, it’s not necessarily written on our website but at least you don’t have to beat it out of us.

How much is traffic on TrafficJunky?

We’d probably follow up your question by telling you it’s a great question. Not because it is, we’re just trying to be friendly.

This post could end here with us deciding to send you to our rates page. Let’s keep that for later, cool?

Besides, we’d rather go over some of the numbers you’d see on that page. Most importantly we’d love to help you gain a greater understanding of what you’re buying and how we’re getting there.

As always, the comment section below is open for you to comment. Leave us a question and watch it miraculously be answered by yours truly.

You down with CPM?

Yes, that was a Naughty by Nature reference.

CPM is an acronym for cost per mille–or thousand if you don’t speak any of the latin-derived languages–and it’s one of the most used formats in web advertising.

In this case, the thousand refers to impressions–or times your ad has appeared on our network of sites.

What this means for you new buyers is the CPM on the site and spot you are bidding on will be deducted every thousand times your ad is shown.


Again, your ad is seen 1000 times and you are deducted what you bid for that placement.

Your CPM will vary, depending on the site and spot you’re bidding on as well as your campaign settings.

Check out Step 2 of our TJ roadmap for a more detailed look at that.

The Daily Pricing and Inventory Page

Religious TrafficJunky blog readers know we link to this page at least three times a week. Believe us, it’s well-warranted.

For new sign-ups, the daily pricing and inventory page essentially answers the question in our headline.

That said, how about we have a look at the page itself? You might want to zoom in by clicking the picture below.

daily pricing filters

First off we’ll focus on the top filter. You can use one of the four dropdown menus in order to populate the results you need.

Target device will let you select either PC, Mobile or Tablet.

The target group menu has multiple options but you’ll want to stick with Straight or Gay since that’s the majority of the traffic on our network.

Toggling keyword targeting–with Yes or No–let’s you see the spots which allow you to target via a keyword.

Your last option will let you select the country you want to consult the inventory for.

Finally, we get to the good stuff. Thanks for being so patient and never giving up on this post.

Again, click the image for a clearer view.

From there, the first two columns are based on the target device and group you selected in the filter menu.

The spot column indicates where the ad is shown on our network. For more on sites and spots.

Dimensions is fairly self-explanatory, you’ll want to make sure your ad is exactly the size listed. One pixel off will prevent you from uploading it.

We also have the minimum CPM bid for that spot–$0.070 in the example–and the average CPM bid.

Finally, you can see what kind of daily impressions are available for that spot.


Here’s what we learned today:

  • TrafficJunky follows are CPM format
  • CPM = Cost per Thousand impressions
  • The CPM bids vary depending on device, spots and GEOs
  • The daily pricing and inventory will answer that question ten times out of ten

Are we still unsure about this whole deal? No worries, we too need to be comforted by the sound of a human voice.

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