How To: HTML5 Video Ads on TrafficJunky

What happens when you’ve exhausted all your options? You look for something new, something different. That’s HTML5 on TJ.

How To: HTML5 Video

Intro to HTML5

Geniuses out there will know the term HTML5 stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

Which is the technology we use to develop websites. You following so far? Good.

You can also create HTML5 video ads with one of the advantages being you don’t need to install a plugin or player to view the content.

It runs on any computer, smarphones or tablet. Which coincidentally are the platforms you can advertise on via TrafficJunky.

What does this mean for you? Have a look at the amount of video ads on Pornhub, this doesn’t level the playing field; it helps you play the same sport.

Before we get started with our how-to, keep in mind this option needs to be unlocked for you beforehand. Contact our team for more info.

BLP Format and Specs

In case you were wondering, BLP = Banner Landing Page.

You might see it when creating your campaign and wonder if it’s some sort of sandwich featuring pastrami–it unfortunately isn’t.

html5 screen 1

Having trouble viewing the image? Click or zoom in.

Over at article A you’ll want to make sure you select the HTML Video option. Remember, contact us if you don’t have it.

You’ll follow that by naming your BLP–again, not a sandwich. And selecting your dimensions from a drop down list–as you can see via article B.

In this case, we’ve selected 300×250. A common banner dimension on our network.

Your target URL determines where clicking on the ad will lead to. Otherwise known as a landing page.

Finally, you might want to add some tokens. Here’s how to do that.

Video Preview and Positioning Options

Now for the important stuff, uploading your video.

Peep the image below, click or zoom in for a better look.

html 5 screen 2

You’ll start off by uploading your preview image–article A. This image is intended to be shown if ever the video has not finished downloading.

Accepted file formats are PNG, JPEG or GIF with files being no bigger than 300KB.

Still with article A, you now browse your computer and upload your MP4 Video ad. The file must be less than 1MB and will start playing if it follows the specifications.

Here’s a quick Photoshop tutorial for those of you unfamiliar with creating MP4 videos.

Once you upload your video, the Video Dimensions slider will appear. This is meant to change the size of your ad but maintains the aspect ratio.

It’s especially useful if your Logo Image is an L-shaped overlay with a call to action or price. As you can see in the screenshot above, we’ve picked the TJ icon.

After your logo is uploaded, you can click, drag and position it wherever you please.

That’s it! Hit the confirm BLPs button and you’ll be able to pick and choose the spots you want to advertise on.

Any questions? Comment below or contact our team

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