Blog Roundup: Taking the Regret Test and More

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Let’s Round it Up! 

For the first time ever, we’re kicking off blog roundup with what we’re calling a blogception.

That’s right, we’ll be sharing an article of our own. Mostly because it’s a crucial piece of information that deserves your attention.

Many changes are coming to our rules and regulations in 2018. Take a few minutes to familiarize with everything!

As we mention in our article, feel free to reach out to our team for further details.

Next up, we found a pair of Ad Age articles you might find interesting.

First off, an interesting feature detailing how scale is killing advertising.

It’s subjective of course but we love the thought process that goes behind pieces like this.

Secondly, they’ve got an inside look at dating site OkCupid’s new ‘DTF’ campaign.

dtf okcupid 1

Lastly, the always fascinating Nir Eyal’s blog has another insightful piece.

In this one Eyal talks about designing user behavior by taking the regret test.

That’s it for us! Think your content should be featured? Comment below!




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