Top 5: Photoshop Beginner Mistakes

You can’t just pick up Photoshop and be good a it. Like cooking or pro wrestling, practice makes perfect. That’s the motivation behind our top 5 Photoshop beginner mistakes.

top 5 photoshop beginner mistakes

Malcom Gladwell says it takes ten-thousand hours to get world-class level at anything.

I know what you’re thinking, where do I start?

You can start off by not making the same mistakes as the next guy.

Let’s assume you’ve watched a few tutorials on the various functions Photoshop comes equipped with.

While YouTube is a great way to start, it doesn’t exactly teach you everything.

Here’s five mistakes you should avoid:

1. Bad Contrast

photoshop bad contrast

While I’ve made the example above slightly legible, something has to be said on how the white text clashes with the laptop and granite.

You want your text to standout and be easily readable.

Try adding rectangles or incorporating blending options in your text for a cleaner look.

A little drop shadow added to the text on the image above would make it stand out more.

You can achieve that by right clicking your text layer > Blending options > Drop shadow and setting the distance between 2 and 3.

2. Too Many Blending Options

photoshop too many blending options

Remember, less is more–we might say this more than once in this post.

A tiny drop shadow is great. Add some satin, stroke and inner glow to that and you’ve got a Windows 95 nightmare on your hands.

What goes around comes back around, right?

While we’re not denying this is a style that can potentially return, let’s keep this one locked in the closet with our back issues of Mad Magazine.

The text is still legible, granted but it’s way too busy–which is a perfect segue into the next point.

3. Too Busy

photoshop too busy

Let’s leave the experimenting for artistes–with the letter E at the end so you know their legit.

Your image shouldn’t feel like rush hour in Los Angeles. You want a straightforward message and a sleek design.

We’re not saying not to try different things, just remember–less is more.

See, told you we’d use that one again.

4. Wrong Typeface

wrong typeface

Ask yourself this question.

Is your image being used as a poster for a 70’s action flick?

If the answer is no, you have no reason to be using a funky font like in the example above.

Stick with something easy to read and simple-looking.

Google Fonts has a wide variety of options at your disposal!

5. Not Centered (or aligned)

photoshop not centered

You’ve come this far, you don’t want your elements to be off-center now do you?

Use the align tools at your disposal!

Click the layer of your choice, click the one you’d like to align it to and select from the myriad of options on the menu bar.

Again, feel free to place elements at the bottom left or have multiple elements on the same image.

What you’ll want to consider is how these elements align with each other.

Okay, let’s recap.

You want just the right amount of contrast but no blending options up the wazoo. You’ll want to use the less is more approach with both the elements in your image and the typeface you have selected. Lastly, you’ll want everything to align!

Questions or suggestions for another Photoshop top 5? Comment below!



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