Updated Ad Rules on Four TrafficJunky Sites

As a result of new initiatives by Google our ad compliance team recently started enforcing new rules and regulations.  Here’s everything you need to know.

Updated Ad Rules

TrafficJunky’s rules and regulations have recently been overhauled with the release of Google Chrome 64.

As we mentioned late last year, the changes have been made in order to prevent the potential blocking of all ads considered to be serving an ‘Abusive Ad Experience’.

Here’s a list of the sites which have enforced these new rules in order to be Google compliant:

  • Pornhub
  • Redtube
  • Tube8

For more on our updated regulations per site and spot click here.

Here’s what Google considers an ‘Abusive Ad Experience’ please see below:

  • Ads that auto-redirect a page without user action
  • Ads that resemble site warnings or error messages
  • Ads that simulate messages, dialog boxes,  or request notifications
  • Ads depicting features that do not work
  • Ads that display close buttons that do anything other than closing the element when clicked
  • Ads where clicking anywhere outside the border of the ad leads to an ad landing page

Source (via Google Support)

Please consult the images below for a few examples featuring what constitutes and abusive ad.


abusive ad 1

abusive ad 3

play button

abusive ad 4

abusive ad 2

Unsure if your banner is compliant and are advertising on one of the sites listed above? Reach out to our team before uploading.

Our account managers will gladly review your creatives in order to make your campaigns do not get rejected.

Alternatively, please comment below should you have any questions.

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