High Everybody! Win $420 in TrafficJunky Credits

420 high everybody

For many, today is a special day. A day where we feel a little more relaxed–for seemingly unknown reasons. Well, we’re giving you 420 more reasons to chill.

High Everybody!

We recently started allowing cannabis offers on our network.

Here’s a little more on the feature which allows you to create these types of campaigns.

We’re giving one lucky advertiser the chance to win $420 in TrafficJunky credits towards the use of a Cannabis-targeted campaign.

Here’s how you can win:

  1. Like the ‘High Everybody’ picture on our Instagram page

  2. Comment with your TrafficJunky username

From there you’ll be eligible to win the draw with a winner being announced on Monday April 23rd. 

That’s as easy as warm apple pie, isn’t it?

Again, this promo is targeted at advertisers looking to advertise Cannabis offers. Make sure that’s what you’re running before you participate.

Good luck!

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