New Targeting Options Available on Tube8 Next Week

tube8 targeting options

Advertisers rejoice, we’re adding a slew of new targeting options for your Tube8 Mobile campaigns starting next week.

New Targeting Options on Tube8

Our sole aim at TrafficJunky is continuing to evolve based on your feedback.

That being said, you’ve asked for these advanced targeting features and we’ve happily obliged–with an albeit small roll-out but a roll-out nonetheless.

Starting next Monday October 29, your new campaigns on Tube8 Mobile (NSFW) will feature a slew of new targeting options for your traffic-buying pleasure.

You’ll benefit from connection type, browser, language, IP range and negative targeting when creating Mobile campaigns on Tube8.

As a result, if you’ve been requesting these settings for a long time, you–hopefully–know what to do with them.

If you’re unsure as to what these targeting options do, here’s a quick explanation.

  • Connection Type: Choose between WI-FI or 3G Internet connections
  • Browser: Target your web browser of choice i.e. Chrome, Safari
  • Language: Target your audience’s browser language
  • Negative Targeting: Excludes values on specific targeting options

Above all, make sure to contact your dedicated account manager for more information on these features.

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