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case study

TrafficJunky’s advertising platform opens up new possibilities for gentlemen’s clubs, here’s how your establishment can benefit from our traffic.

As Chief Marketing Officer of Moving Targets—a marketing agency based in Perkasie, Pennsylvania—Jenna Gross was tasked with planning and executing marketing campaigns for gentlemen’s clubs.

From the get-go, Gross found that strict advertising regulations on Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms made it very difficult to create effective campaigns, especially considering the nature of the content.

Driving New Clients to Email Lists

With her campaigns being limited by Facebook and Google’s advertising restrictions, Gross decided to explore advertising on Pornhub with TrafficJunky.

Gross mentions, “Since Facebook, Google and Instagram are stricter with adult-oriented content, Pornhub was the perfect place to test our gentlemen’s club campaigns and reach potential clients.

“While the banner advertising served as a way to promote the establishments and gain exposure, the primary goal for this campaign was to get visitors to the landing page and sign up to a contest.” explained Gross.

“We added those clients to and email list which allowed us to run email campaigns where we could continue promoting our offers.”

Cost Effective, Data-Driven Campaigns

While she found that Facebook and Google’s restrictions hampered how far she could take her campaigns, TrafficJunky allowed her to come full circle.

With the campaigns live, users visiting her client’s websites and signed up to their mailing list; Gross saw the opportunity to run retargeting campaigns.

“I can attribute the fact that we were able to use Google and Facebook retargeting on some of the visitors from the TrafficJunky campaign. Gathering emails was the most cost effective way to promote and keep promoting to site visitors.”

Not only was she able to generate brand exposure for the clubs themselves and promote upcoming events by using advertising and email campaigns, she used cost-effective TrafficJunky campaigns as a way to target the right audience on other platforms.

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