Full Suite of Targeting Options Across All Sites Starting July 2nd

targeting options

Get your campaigns ready, the TrafficJunky team is rolling out a slew of new targeting options on our advertising platform.

Targeting Options Across All Sites

Advertisers rejoice.

The TrafficJunky team is proud to announce that we’ll be unlocking our full suite of advanced targeting options to be used across all sites on the TJ network starting Tuesday July 2nd at Noon EST.

Here’s a quick rundown of those features:

  • GEO Targeting: Target up to ten countries, regions or cities.
    • Include or exclude cities
    • Include or exclude postal codes
    • Select a range of IP addresses
  • Time targeting
  • Mobile Connection Targeting: Choose between WiFi and Carrier connections
  • OS Targeting: Select a specific operating system i.e. iOS or Android
  • Browser Targeting: Remove Google Chrome from your list of targeted browsers
    • Include or exclude up to five browser languages
  • Frequency Capping: Determine how many times a visitor will see your advertisement over a specific period of time
  • Keywords: Include or exclude targeted keywords

For you visual folks, we’ve created a video tutorial detailing TrafficJunky’s advanced targeting features.

Check it out below:

On top of this abundance of targeting features, our team is very proud to present PH RON.

With this new internal publisher, advertisers can focus on targeting audiences in a single pool, regardless of where they are on our network.

Interested in learning more about these features? Our 24/7 support team and group of dedicated account managers are here to help.


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