Celebrate Pride Month with TrafficJunky!

June is pride month, and we are here to help you celebrate love by sharing some interesting insights ourselves. There is no reason you cannot celebrate and make the most out of your campaigns.

As you may know, on the TrafficJunky network, with our Target Group feature, you can target the gay demographic. And, you can do much more than that. With our Geo-Targeting feature, you can narrow down your target to be as precise as state, city, and zip code level if you are advertising locally. This is all to say that June is not just pride month, it is also the month where you can take huge advantage and make your gay-centric campaigns as profitable as possible.

Essentially, if you see the gay demographic as a target market or you have products that you think might interest said demographic then TJ targeting features can help you get the best of your campaigns.

It is no secret that the more focused your targeting is, the better results you will have on your campaigns and with the gay demographic already ready to be targeted in TJ… well, just start creating campaigns.

If you are unsure how such a targeting feature can help, or you are still a bit indecisive regarding targeting and how it can help you reach your brand advertising goals. Let us talk numbers, eh?

Pornhub, and their team of brilliant statisticians, shared interesting insights that are worth noting.

Granted, the statistics to be shared are ones of 2019, but they do represent the gist we are trying to present. For the sake of clarity, the numbers we are going to share with you are relevant to New York City, Pornhub’s number one source of traffic.

In June 2019, gay video views reckoned a positive increase in views, and this is along June to reach an 18.4% difference on the 30th, the day coinciding with the gay parade in the Big Apple.

Talking about the changes in views might be a bit unclear or perhaps not as impressive. But it is. Remember we stated that NY is Pornhub’s number one traffic source which accounts for millions and millions of views. The following changes in views reflect a remarkable change of flux.

What does this mean for you? Well, presenting your brand in front of these visitors, of course! And, this is easy since you can base your targeting per city or state. How cool is that?

Moreover, during pride month, searches related to gay or gay parade increased significantly in New York City. Gay parade increased by a staggering 1548% and the word pride increase by 1228%. Again, if you factor the size, such an increase reflects a big change in numbers.

While we can continue to talk number all day, let’s turn our attention to something else? How about 2019’s most searched terms on Pornhub GayIf you are targeting the gay demographic, it is better to set your keywords to match the most searched terms. According to Pornhub Insights, these are 2019’s most searched terms:

Most Searched for Terms on Pornhub Gay

Since your ads will only display when keywords are searched, it makes perfect sense to use what your target audience is looking at as a benchmark for your campaigns’ keywords. Please ensure to use keywords that match your offer or audience to ensure maximum relevancy.

Before we leave you to set up your next gay-centric campaigns, we will show you the proportion of gay pageviews by state in the US. This is to help you get the best out of the state/city targeting that you can set for your gay demographic targeting. It is worth noting that the graph that follows dates to 2017, and not 2019. But it is a good starting point. If you take a look at the chart, you will see that the southern states, on a general level, have more tendencies to view gay content with some exceptions, of course. New York is such an exception.

Northern states’ tendency to watch gay content is way less than the other states. So, keep such facts when you are setting your state/city targeting. Another fact to keep in mind is the size of the population. The more north you go, the fewer people you will have. So the distribution of the population is not to be disregarded.

Proportion of Gay Pageviews By State - Pride

To recap, with TJ you can target the gay demographic with unmatchable ease. You can target the said demographic as it is a default targeting feature. You can narrow down this demographic to specific states/cities/zip codes. And you can even go a step further to target niches in using keywords targeting in your campaigns.

With all this knowledge at your disposal, we are positive that your gay next campaigns will be a smashing success. If you have any questions, you can always contact us!

Happy advertising and remember to celebrate and share the love with the ones you hold dearest!

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