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About CPV Lab Pro:

CPV Lab Pro is a self-hosted tracking system, secure and flexible. It can be used by new affiliate marketers or professionals! Fast redirects and multiple campaign types are available, depending on your needs.

CPV Lab Pro – can easily handle everything from the simplicity of Direct Linking to advanced Campaign Funnels and Lead Paths.

You can keep track of your campaigns easily with a powerful and affordable tracking platform which offers direct integration with TrafficJunky. Start tracking and optimizing your campaigns quickly with CPV Lab Pro!

Main advantages of CPV Lab Pro:

  • Track & Optimize Everything – Unlimited clicks and actions tracking
  • Self-hosted & Secure Solution – Web-Based, Self-Hosted Platform that runs on your own server, keeping your Data Private & Secure
  • Real-Time Stats and Customizable Reports
  • Geo Redirects and Bot detection
  • API
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • Direct (Organic) Traffic pixel tracking (Landing Page pixel)
  • Data history – as long as you wish, it’s your database!
  • MV Lab – multivariate testing tool
  • Bot Traffic Tracking and Blocking
  • PHP 7 Support – support and optimizations for PHP 7 servers, including Speed Improvements and Faster Redirects.
  • Performance Enhancements for High-Traffic – Optimizations for High-Traffic Campaigns
  • Support for Parallel Tracking from Google Ads
  • Google Ads Conversions integration
  • Landing Page Protection Script
  • GDPR & CCPA compliance
  • 30-days FREE Trial
  • A NEW FREE Starter Plan that you can use for how long you wish

CPV Lab Pro Promotion for TrafficJunky Users

CPV Lab Pro comes with a special offer for TrafficJunky users only:

  • Get $50 OFF the Yearly Plan by using the Promo Code TRAFFICJUNKY50 + a free MV Lab license for 5 domains
  • Get a free MV Lab license for 5 domains for the monthly plan

Check the CPV Lab Pro website to see the available plans and get this offer!

Get started today and experience unlimited flexibility and hundreds of data metrics with CPV Lab Pro! If you need some guidance on how to use CPV Lab Pro software with TrafficJunky, please follow this guide to get started.

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