Myths and Ghoul Stories of Adult Advertising

What is Adult Advertising?   

The adult advertising industry is valued to be over $97 billion. The demand for adult content has been increasing progressively over the years. Adult entertainment sites such as Pornhub continue to grow in daily visits, making it hard for brands to ignore and leading to new opportunities.   

During the rest of the article, we will walk you through most of the questions about the adult advertising industry and why you should consider running ads there.    

Let us begin, shall we?  

Negative Brand Association  

Historically, companies feared their brands would have received negative feedback from their existing clients if they advertise on Adult entertainment sites. But today, we see the total opposite. Brands are pushing back, thinking outside the box, and understanding their customers are on adult sites, and creating campaigns tailored to users on adult sites. It comes down to when and how we should incorporate adult sites into our user acquisition plan.   

And what better way to incorporate a new user acquisition plan than empowering it with data? Data is the key to brands seeing the value of advertising on Adult entertainment sites such as Pornhub. For instance, we can take Pornhub’s Insights page, where they publish SFW content that solidifies the number of users that visit the site daily and their interests. Data, such as the data on Pornhub insights, makes the decision easier for brands to advertise.  

You cannot have the same impact as with Mainstream advertising.   

Adult websites are some of the world’s most visited sites and share the same audience as other top sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Amazon. The audience found on Pornhub differs not from what you would find in mainstream platforms. The difference is the tone and messaging when reaching out to the audience. That is the creative or text the user sees on their screens. But the audience is the same.  

Would you communicate with a user visiting CNN the same way as if that user was on Walmart? No, the same user, just a different location.

Mainstream advertising platforms can target audiences based on several factors. Targeting features include but are not limited to behavior and interest. And, up until recently, adult sites did not have that. However, Adult advertising is very fast to adapt. Adult Ad exchanges such as Trafficjunky continue to move adult advertising into the future, allowing brands to show their products to specific audiences based on Location, Time of day, gender, and interests. Adult Ad exchanges such as TrafficJunky continue to move adult advertising into the future by developing technologies that allow brands to reach their audiences creatively through messages that customers can relate to – without disrupting their experience.  

There is no actual benefit in advertising on Adult entertainment websites. 

Here’s something that you should ask yourself, why is there no benefit in advertising on X-rated websites?    

Where you advertise your brand is a business decision. It’s the outcome of your marketing strategy. As a business, your advertising strategy usually focuses on performance or brand awareness. Adult Entertainment sites such as Pornhub can help achieve either goal.  

It’s a numbers game, it’s about placing your brand in front of the most significant number of relevant screens, and adult sites such as Pornhub can help.  

The cost of advertising is high.   

Advertising on mainstream platforms such as Google and Facebook do not come cheap. But what if you can achieve the same results, or perhaps even better, and save yourself some money?   

The answer to this little riddle is running your adverts on adult entertainment sites such as Pornhub. Adult Entertainment websites attract millions of users daily, and because of that, the demand for these users is growing but not in the same way as mainstream ad exchanges. This growth allows brands to create customized campaigns at a cost lower than Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Every day millions of new users view adult content, which gives brands the ability to convert these users into customers without much competition.   

Generally, there can be some strict restrictions on advertising for specific industries. But that does not mean that you can achieve your goals. It merely means that you would have to open to other possibilities to be more creative in communication with your audience.  

If you are worried about the impact of advertising on adult sites will have on your brand’s image, don’t worry; you are not alone. But they’re just thoughts until you take action. A brand can achieve a relationship with its customers through many things. The way you communicate with new customers shows you understand who your customers are and where to find them.   

But let’s take a concrete example. Let’s assume that you are creative enough to figure out how to communicate with clients on adult entertainment sites and build a campaign around this and push it live. If your campaign is successful, it will not go unnoticed. Firstly, it will generate unparalleled word of mouth.   

Again, the traffic on adult entertainment sites is unmatchable, and people will notice your creative work and appreciate it. And when we like something, our first reflex is to share. If one person tells three others about your creative ad and those people do the same, that’s a huge buzz. Second, if you achieve remarkable results, the mainstream media will eventually cover this.   

If you think this scenario is a far-fetch, you are sadly mistaken. Eat24 achieved remarkable results when it partnered with Pornhub for their campaigns. It was a risk that achieved splendid returns for the company. The company made this unorthodox move when they were starting, and it worked in their favor.   

Their campaigns were immensely successful; they were featured on Reddit advertising subreddits and had media coverage on Buzzfeed and other media sites. That is valuable PR that even if you dedicated a big budget for it would be hard to do.   

And Eat24 achieved said valuable PR with just the cost of advertising. Quoting Dr. Seuss, “you have to be odd to be number one.” If you are a mainstream brand, all it takes is creativity, which would allow you to communicate with adult entertainment sites. Because here’s the question, if you come across a potential client in said sites, would you be able to handle it? As a wise man once said, “Think differently.”   

That is all we have for you folks! And happy advertising!    

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