Trick or Treating with TrafficJunky This Halloween

It’s that time of year folks…Halloween is finally here! While it might be a little different this year, considering all the restrictions on gatherings, the TrafficJunky team has concocted a brilliant promo for our valued advertisers. 

This year’s competition, which will run strictly on our social media accounts will include some never before seen TrafficJunky swag as the prizes for our winners. It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is solve our riddle for a chance at some of these great prizes.  


Here’s the riddle in question: 

I roam around day and night 

Reflecting you in a different light 

I am neither dead nor alive 

And to be remembered I strive 

Here’s how to enter and win: 

  1. Solve our Halloween Riddle, obviously  
  1. DM your answer on one of our Social Media accounts 
  1. If your answer is correct, we will contact you with the prize you have won. 

The prize will be exclusive TrafficJunky Swag!  

Once you receive your prize, make sure to take a picture and tag us for another surprise. 

Here are the contest Rules & Regulations: 

  1. At the time of the answer submission, you must be a TrafficJunky subscriber per channel of submission. Else, you are not eligible. 
  1. Only one submission per user per channel is allowed. 

Good Luck to everyone!  

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