7 Best Practices that Make Your Pre-roll Ads Convert

Now that we understand what a Pre-Roll ad is, let us help you set up a successful campaign. 

7 Best Practices  that help you to convert best with your pre-roll ads

1. Ad length: keep them short.

You have 5 seconds to make your message and CTA clear, make the user decide to click vs skip. Our stats show us that pre-roll ads will perform best when they are 15-second long and have a Brand/Product visible within the first 5 seconds and a clear CTA.  

2. Help your audience make their decision before “Skip Ad” shows up.

As mentioned above, you have 5 seconds to get your message across. A Strong and creative story can really change the decision between clicking or skipping the video. Create content that encourages viewers to watch the video and offer entertainment value to users with as little disruption as possible. Also, try different calls-to-action like “Try for Free” or “Get Started” to direct them right to your landing page. 

3. A/B testing

A/B testing is an effective and useful tool for optimizing your campaign.  A/B testing can be simple; you can test 15-second vs 30-second videos, Desktop vs Mobile or different landing pages. You run the test until you reach a conclusion on which campaign performs best. 

4. Remember to be relevant.

o When it comes to targeting options, don’t forget to be contextually relevant. Make sure you use the available targeting features on TrafficjunkyThe best way to attract the interest of our viewer is to show them relevant contentA good example could be a sporting event.

When there’s a soccer match in London, you can set up your pre-roll campaign to target London, Thursday- Saturday, Mobile, IOS to show a relevant ad to people looking to bet on that game. Remember, you can also implement pixel tracking to retarget a user who has already clicked on your video. 

o  Most of the time the audience opens the page with a certain need related to the video content. Thus, it is a great opportunity to grasp their interest if the pre-roll ad content is highly related. The key here is to understand your target audience’s goals and needs the moment they see your pre-roll ad, and you have 5 precious seconds to impress them and beat that “Skip Ad” button.

o Show content that provides value to your audience. Nobody wants to watch something that is all about bragging about a product and making them open their wallets. If the ad content answers the “what’s in there for me” question for your audience in a clear and entertaining way, you are one step closer to converting your audience into your customers.

5. Have a matching landing page and a related companion banner.

You want to give your audience a full experience that consistently reminds them of their needs and the value you can bring them. It is incredibly effective to increase brand awareness by walking them through the psychological journey using visual content. Imagine someone walks into a cafe and sees the logo printed everywhere on the counter, chairs and even their teaspoons, it will be hard to forget about the brand when they walk out.


Things to Take Advantage of from TrafficJunky

When creating a pre-roll campaign on TrafficJunky, don’t forget these benefits that TJ brings to the table:

o Retargeting Pixel.

Retargeting allows you to follow up with your best prospects and re-engage with users who left your site and didn’t finish the sales cycle; it helps increase conversions and ROI.

o Pre-roll full clicks on PC.

This means your audience can click anywhere on the ad from their PC, increasing the number of users going to your landing page. The more people we send to your landing page, the more people you can convert into customers. 

o Frequency Capping

To avoid ad saturation, TrafficJunky will only display 1 pre-roll ad every 24 hours for each user to keep your ad fresh.

Keyword Targeting

As we mentioned above, serve relevant ads based on what the user is viewing. If the viewer is searching for LGBT content, and you want to target them, make sure to use keywords that target the LGBT community.  

Who to Contact

Our awesome Premium team is always ready to help. Reach out to them at prerolls@trafficjunky.com or talk to your rep for more information.


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