Introducing Auto-Recharge: Never Worry about Your Campaigns Stopping Due to Low Balance

Did you know?

Now you don’t need to worry about forgetting to add money to your account anymore!

Introducing the Auto-Recharge feature on TrafficJunky.

The What & Why

Auto-Recharge is a feature that automatically tops up funds from your credit card to your TJ account when your balance is running low.

It saves your time of manually doing it on a regular basis – no longer need to remind yourself of logging in and checking your account! This will help to avoid low funds that may stop your campaigns from traffic.

How it Works

1. Make sure you have turned on 2FA first. What’s 2FA? 

2. Make sure you have a valid credit card in your account, and use your credit card for at least one transaction. (Add a credit card in Add Funds)

3. You can use Auto-Recharge either when your balance is low or at predetermined times.

4. To load funds only when your balance is low:

Set up Low Funds Auto-Recharge. Set the Account Balance to trigger the Auto-Recharge and set the amount to add. You may set an end date too.

5. To regularly add funds to the account:

Set up Scheduled Auto-Recharge. Set the frequency and amount to add. You may set an end date too.

6. Please note, when you spend less than 20% of the monthly Auto-Recharge amount, the feature will automatically be disabled. You will receive an email notification upon change.

7. There is a limit of 1 successful transaction per day.


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