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TrafficJunky is an online advertising network that provides a versatile, intelligent CPM-based advertising platform. Our self-serve, CPM-bidding ad network is designed to help advertisers and publishers alike achieve their most ambitious web marketing goals by serving cost-effective, large volumes of targeted web, mobile and tablet traffic and providing content monetizing solutions.

Our flexible CPM-bidding model benefits both advertisers and publishers by ensuring that price is driven by market value. Traffic supply and demand regulates pricing. Our algorithm takes each advertiser's bid and budget into account and allocates publisher traffic to their campaigns accordingly.

Worldwide ad network: Drive traffic. Get Results.


Reach your audience anywhere

  • Deliver your web, mobile and tablet traffic ads to a targeted audience
  • Secure cost-effective Geo-targeted and CPM traffic from highly trafficked web and mobile sites
  • Set your maximum daily spend and CPM bid and our algorithm will take care of the rest

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Monetize your content

  • Publish ad space on your web and mobile sites and monetize your content
  • Join a global ad network with powerful buyers seeking RON and premium
    targeted traffic
  • Maximize your online inventory's
    revenue and benefit from flexible
    payment solutions

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Highly efficient, highly effective.

  • Deliver your best ads to the right audience with advanced ad serving and auto-optimization technology
  • Get the most of your advertising budget thanks to our traffic distribution algorithm
  • Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive cost, click and
    impression statistics

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“I've been constantly buying from TJ for many years and will continue to do so. That explains everything.”


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