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According to the New york Times, 65%1 of all new business comes from referrals. That means on average, two-thirds of consumers make purchases because someone they know recommended a particular product or service to them.

This form of marketing can be highly effective in an online environment because of the popularity of social media and sharing sites. Internet referral marketing can potentially spread word faster and to a wider audience than most offline marketing strategies.

TrafficJunky wants to reward you for being a loyal and trusted partner and give you money just for referring people to our platform!

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Once you've created your TrafficJunky account
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friends, family and/or business partners.
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*Disclaimer: Referral Program revenue earned is in the form of TrafficJunky Credits only. This means the money you earn from your referers is given to you in TrafficJunky money that can only be spent on the TJ platform.

Word of Mouth
Nowadays with all the social media outlets, it is so easy to spread the word. All you need to do is share your referral link with the people you know so when they sign up, TrafficJunky can associate that new client with your referral account.

A great marketing campaign involves two key components, a great message and laser targeting. Referral marketing tends to be much more targeted because people tend to know their friends and social audiences pretty well. This allows your message to spread more effectively than with most other marketing channels.


Currently, 39% of all our Advertisers have been referred to our platform!

Trust is a key component when it comes to selling a product; if we don't trust someone, we aren't going to listen to them. With referral marketing, the process is much easier since it is usually coming from someone that you either know well or someone you have trust in.

1. Wikipedia, "Referral economy"
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