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Getting To Know Your Audience

We offer many targeting features across a full range of locations and devices. Using our algorithms, we can
help you discover, target and optimize the most responsive audiences for your brand based proven targeting
technology and expertise.

Targeting Features

Stay in control of your campaign's performance with our targeting features. Use tools like location, demographic, and keywords to meet your campaign's goals.

Optimization & Automation

Use our advanced automation and optimization features to streamline your campaign's performance even when offline. Automating your bid, optimizing
your sources and controlling your aggregate CPA has never been easier.

Device & Network Features

This feature allows you to target your ads based on specific criteria like ISP, mobile, IP and device. Get down to the details when reaching your desired audience.

Browser & OS features

Take advantage of our browser and OS features and find the right audiences
based on the technologies they are using.

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