What is the
TrafficJunky DSP?

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The TrafficJunky DSP

The TrafficJunky DSP is a demand-side platform that allows advertisers to programmatically buy ad space from our exclusive, high-quality publishers. Advertisers can buy video, display and other ad formats to achieve their advertising goals!

Grow Your Advertising With The TJ DSP

With your connection to our exchange, you can access our premium inventory to reach more potential customers and build more innovative strategies. Evaluate your campaigns' performance and learn which ones drive business and real value both online and offline.
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What Makes Us Different?

Achieve your advertising goals with robust technology built to help you programmatically buy ad space. Take advantage of the right opportunities for your campaigns using our newly optimized engine.

Experience Real Digital Advertising

With the TJ DSP you can build smart data-driven campaigns to expand your reach and construct strategies that help maximizing ROI while keeping high costs at bay.
Targeting Features
Reach the right audiences using our targeting features. Take control of your reach with different levels of granularity in your targeting settings.
Automation Features
Use our automation features to easily scale up high performing campaigns. Use features like the Autopilot to help your campaigns achieve high ROIs.
Optimization Features
Stay in control of your campaigns performance with our optimization features. Set your CPA goal and our algorithm will fine tune the performance of your campaigns.


A demand-side platform is software that provides automated, centralized media buying from multiple sources.
Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of digital advertising inventory. Advertising inventory is the space for ads on a given website.
You can purchase display ads, audio ads and video ads using TrafficJunky DSP.
The TrafficJunky platform was designed to be used as a self-serve media buying platform, enabling you to create, manage, and optimize your campaigns. You can do so through your account dashboard. Real time statistics and user-friendly campaign editing tools give you full control. Statistics for banner CPM, CTR, impressions, cost, and much more will help indicate which campaigns need optimization; our campaign editing tools enable you to do all that.